"Your Wings" - Sophie Min Orchestra

Independent Release (2022)
Sophie Min (p/composition), Zac Sakrewski (b), Benjamin Shannon (d), Nozomi Omote (vib/xyl), Flora Wong (vln), Tristan Rogers (tpt), Martin Kay (fl/sax/cl), Hannah Macklin (vox)

"Bellwether" - Sophie Min Orchestra

Real Production (2020)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Zac Sakrewski (b), Lachlan Hawkins (d), Kayleigh Pincott (v), Tristan Rogers (trumpet), Josh Kehoe (tenor sax/soprano sax/flute/clarinet), Joel Aspinal (tenor sax), Harry Ottley (alto sax/flute/clarinet), Flora Wong (violin1), Julianna Kim (violin2), Kieran Welch (viola), Briony Lutterell (Cello)

"Solo Vol.1

Supersonic (2020)

Sophie Min (p/composition)

"Open" - Sophie Min Trio

Supersonic (2019)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Helen Svoboda (b), Tim Green (d)



"Thanks for the Hands" - Min/Sherlock

Pinnacles Music (2019)

Sophie Min (p/composition), James Sherlock (guitar)

"Fine Gnaw" - SHAMIN

Independent Release (2019)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Benjamin Shannon (d/composition)

"Min/Svoboda/Hawkins" - Min/Svoboda/Hawkins Trio

Independent Release (2018)

Sophie Min (p/composition), Helen Svoboda (b/composition), Lachlan Hawkins (dr)

"Hectic Moon" - Sprout

Supersonic Production (2018)

Helen Svoboda (b/composition), Sophie Min (p/composition), Simon Svoboda (cello)

"From All Sides" - Nimble 

Independent Release (2018)

Sophie Min (p/composition), David Galea (b/composition), Lachlan Hawkins (dr/handpan), Elly Hoyt (v), Kristin Berardi (v), Tsoof Baras (percussion)

"Move to the Bleat" - Martin Kay's Forage

Supersonic Production (2018)

Martin Kay (as/cl/composition), Andrew Saragossi (ts/acl), Brodie Mcallister (tb), Sophie Min (p/keys), Helen Svoboda (b), Zac Sakrewski (b/effects), Benjamin Shannon (d)

"Solace" - Kayleigh Pincott Quintet

Independent Release (2017)

Kayleigh Pincott (v/composition), Sophie Min (p), Zac Sakrewski (b), Lachlan Hawkins (d), Tristan Rogers (Tpt), Kieran T. Stevenson (v)

Posted on 26 April, 2022