Originally born in South Korea, she moved to Brisbane, Australia at the age of 20, where she completed her Bachelor and Master of Music Studies in Jazz Performance at the Queensland Conservatorium. She has shown her explosive artistic development through recent albums such as ‘Bellwether’ - Sophie Min Orchestra (2020), ‘Solo Vol. 1’ (2020), ‘Open’ (2019), Thanks for The Hands - Min/Sherlock (2019) and Min/Svoboda/Hawkins Trio (2018) which have showcased her personal creativities and diverse influences of jazz from solo to large chamber ensemble, from through-composed music to free improvisational practices using acoustic and electric instrumentation.


Her compositions have been commissioned for several projects including the 2020 APRA AMCOS and SIMA for Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival and Adelina Martinez Septet for the 2020 Brisbane Festival Event and EMO Jazz Big Band for the 2018 International Brisbane Jazz Festival. She was a finalist for Queensland Music Awards in 2019 and 2020 and won the 1st place of the International Composers Festival, Compfest (VIC). She is a recipient of Manhattan School of Music in Masters of Jazz Composition and Sydney Myer Scholarship Grant.


She has toured and worked with the 2015 JM Jazz World Orchestra (EUR) and attended the 2018 Banff International Workshop (Canada) and the 2015 Centrum Port Townsend Workshop (Washington), studying with Vijay Iver, Tyshawn Sorey and Jen Shu. She has performed across the world with Sean Jones (USA), Tia Fuller (USA) and Su-mi Jo (South Korea).


She is currently continuing her masters research entitled ‘Narrative Driven Practice: the Process of Arranging and Composing Music through Piano Improvisations’ under Vanessa Tomlinson and Steve Newcomb at the Queensland Conservatorium and she engaged the faculty as a piano tutor.