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New Release: 

Sophie Min Orchestra is thrilled to launch their 2nd album "Your Wings".

The group showcases a wide range of jazz arranging techniques and explores experimental jazz, avant-garde, chamber influence and progressive compositions. The music introduces the partnership of her compositional pools and harmonic properties of a mixed ensemble.

The new album “Your Wings” was created from an innovative body of work for the band to premiere the music reflecting societal issues and each piece embellishes vivid stories of the large ensemble. It also becomes idealistic when orchestration takes the journey to be a storyteller.



Piano - Sophie Min
Bass - Zac Sakrewski
Drums - Benjamin Shannon
Vibraphone & Glockenspiel - Nozomi Omote
Violin - Flora Wong
Trumpet - Tristan Rogers
Flute, Sax and Clarinet - Martin Kay
Voice - Hannah Macklin


Posted on 26 April, 2022